The Oscar Goes To...The Premier Condo Market

The Premier residential market was feeling the love in February with its sales volume increasing 6.18 percent month over month, and 12.12 percent year over year. Sellers loved that their homes were not taking as long to sell in February with the days on market down 32.74 percent from the prior month to 76 days. No President’s Day sales were happening in the Premier single-family segment of the market, as the price per square feet increased 4.32 percent from the prior month. The average price of a single-family home in the Premier market was  $589,683 - up 0.07 percent from the prior month. With 999 active residences (single-family) at the end of February, and 1.99 months of inventory, buyers had more to choose from compared to homes under $500,000, but needed to act quickly when a listing came on the market. In the category of highest year-to-date percentage increase in sales and sales volume, 2017 over 2018, the Oscar goes to…the Premier condo market at 24.83 percent sold and 23.93 percent sales volume at over $100 million. Days on market for Premier condos was striking at 237 days, down 27.30 percent from the prior month. There were 261 active listings and 3.18 months of inventory in this segment of the market, so buyers had more to choose from in the Premier condo market over other segments of the market.  Download the full March market trends report here.  

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Why Being Social Is Essential In Any Business

When talking about social media, many people think of it as a fun thing they do during the day when they have a few down minutes. Social platforms are seen as a place to keep pictures and look up old friends, to write about opinions and to share memories. But there is a whole other side to social media that I, as a business owner, have come know quite well. No matter how hard many business owners’ try to fight it, our country is an ever-growing social media network with new ways to connect and market coming out daily. It is important as a person in business that I figure out the best way to use social media to further my work connections, to advertise my properties and to market myself as a real estate agent and business owner. While I do believe in the older way of marketing, going out and meeting people and handing out my card, there is just not enough hours in the day. Having social platforms that I can post on helps me connect with a wider audience while allowing more relationships to begin via the Internet. Below I have compiled a list of the benefits to having different social media platforms for your company:

Finding New Customers/New Customers Finding You – Whatever product your are buying/selling, there is always a market out there and the more you are out there on social media marketing yourself, the more likely people will find you. With things like Facebook, you can join groups that specifically go with your company and from there, new customers can find you. Or on a platform like Twitter, finding what you want is only a “@” sign away.

Seeing Your Target Market Personally – With access to your customer base at your fingertips on social media, you will get to know them better which in turn will help you market your company/product better.

Keeps You in the Now – A lot of business owners think they have missed the train when it comes to social media and are not sure why they should start now. Well, I can tell you this, it is never too late to start! Even if you are just putting your business on the social media map, you will be surprised just how quickly being in the public eye will increase your sales. Also, it is more than likely that your competition is on social media already and therefore already a step ahead of you. We both know that being one step behind is never the best place to be so take the step and get your social media started today!

It Is Free – I could repeat this one a few times because let me tell you, marketing isn’t cheap, but social media is free, period. Use that to your advantage! Get out there and figure out what social platforms are best for your brand and then use those as guides to market your company. If you are a company such as a real estate agent, using Instagram to post pictures of upcoming listings or great house fixer-upper ideas would benefit not just you, but your clientele, and possibly future clients as well.

Take the time today and sit down to experiment with different social media platforms to figure out which one best fits your business. If they appear intimidating, there are plenty of social media experts out there who would be willing to sit down and go over each essential element to each platform and help you decide which platform makes the most sense for your company.

Just remember, it is essential to be social in today’s business world, find the best platforms for you and your company and watch your business grow!

A Few Great Places to see the Fall Colors in Colorado

I think it is safe to say that fall is here even as we continue to have some days with temperatures in the high 80’s, the cool evenings and brisk mornings are letting us know the weather is changing. And it is just the weather changing, have you looked outside lately? The trees are all starting to change colors and if you have been watching the news or looking at your social media you have probably seen many beautiful pictures of the leaves changing all over the state. Colorado is known for our beautiful Aspen trees and the changing that takes place from the end of September into early October has many people heading to the mountains to see the incredible color transformations. It isn’t too late to catch these trees that turn into blazing fields of gold and below I have compiled a list of places to go visit as well as drives to take to see some of the best colors in the area.

Jump in the Car and Drive

 1.    Trail Ridge Road – U.S. Highway 34 between Estes Park and Granby traveling through and over the Rocky Mountain National Park is one for the books. The road rises all the way to 12,183 ft and has several scenic overlooks to take in.

2.    Peak to Peak Highway – Colorado highways 119, 72 and 7 from Black Hawk to Estes Park has many spots to actually pull over and take in stunning views of the Continental Divide with several stands of colorful Aspens.

3.    Boreas Pass between Como and Breckenridge – What used to be an old railroad bed is now a dirt road that offers phenomenal sightseeing of several Aspen groves.

Get out and Experience the Colors

 1.    Gunnison – This quant place is home to Kebler Pass, which boasts the largest aspen grove in North American. Start around Ohio Creek Road which passes some unique natural landscapes, including a series of abandoned ranch buildings, and enjoy some beautiful views.

2.    Maroon Bells – The iconic Maroon Bells are two towering 14,000-ft mountains nestled into the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness and are some of the most photographed peaks in North America. There are hiking trails a plenty so choose any and you are sure to find yourself lost in the golden Aspens.

3.    Telluride – It is a little bit of a drive but Telluride is one of the most beautiful places in the state and the colors up there are unmatchable during the fall. Take the free gondola ride for an incredible aerial view of the yellow fields of trees spreading for miles.

 It’s not too late to go on a drive or a hike to see the changing colors of fall and better to do it sooner than later, snow is just around the corner and has already been falling in the mountains! Make sure to grab a pumpkin muffin and your favorite hot drink for the road, happy fall everyone!

 Photo By @NoahBergPhotography  | Vail, CO

Photo By @NoahBergPhotography  | Vail, CO

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