Warm Your Welcome!

As a Realtor you get to enter through a lot of doors every day! One of my most favorite things about a home is the entry and the door. You never know whats going to be behind that door but if you walk up to it and it’s stunning you know it’s going to be amazing inside.

One of the projects I loved doing when I was remodeling my home was designing a new front door ( Shown in the photo below). The door that was on my current home was not inviting and needed a facelift badly. My husband, Jay Modglin and I found a company in Colorado who built doors by hand and we started designing our new front door. For all the details on this project visit our family blog at Modglin Collective.

I really enjoyed working on this article for Denver Style Magazine and so excited to share it with you. Click the photo below to go to the full issue of DSM.