Why Having Your House Numbers Visible is Important

There are many times when I am driving around showing homes that I will accidently drive past the house because I have a hard time seeing the house number. Whether it is during the day or at night, it is imperative that you have your home numbers visible from the street not just for people trying to find your home, but also in case of an emergency.


When responding to an emergency call, police officers, EMS and firefighters look for house numbers when they first arrive. These numbers are their first indication of where to stop and if you have numbers not printer on your mail box, that blend in with the siding of your home or are not visible at night, it makes it hard for them to figure out where they are needed.


Make it a point to look and see if your numbers fit the following criteria:


All of the numbers are there – sometimes with older homes or with the typical wear and tear from weather, numbers can become faded or they can detach from the house and/or mailbox. Make sure you have all your numbers listed.


You have large numbers visible from a distance – there are many sizes of numbers you can get at the stores these days and while some of them might look a certain way or you might not want them to overwhelm your house, it is important that the numbers are large enough to be seen from the road. Find the area on your house that is very easy to see – above the garage, next to your door, on the mailbox or all of them – stand in the road and hang the numbers. If you can’t see them, then they aren’t big enough and you will need to find bigger numbers.


Make sure you have the area around the numbers cleaned up – this is more specifically for mailbox areas or if you have vegetation growing on your house that may cover up the numbers in any way. Make sure again, if you can’t see if from the road, that you make sure to clear up the area so others can see it from the road.


The color of the numbers does not blend in with the house in any way, shape or form – if you have a white house, then don’t put white numbers on your house. When it comes to numbers, it isn’t as much about fashion, it’s about the ability to see the numbers in case of an emergency.


Remember, these numbers could be a lifesaver in case of an emergency so you want to make sure you have them visible, large and in the right color!

Housewarming Gifts

Spring has sprung in the Mile High City and we are almost into Summer – with the weather changes and the heating up of temperatures, the real estate market is also on the move. Denver’s market has been heating up as well, with a winter that was still busy, we are moving into a time of the year that is busy for all parties involved. My buyers are out in strong numbers during the spring and my sellers are excited to put their homes on the market with all the interest, many getting above asking price.

For my buyers, it can be a bit tedious in the spring to get to first, get under contract and then, to get to closing table. But once we get to that closing table, there are smiles and hugs and happy tears around.

As a Realtor, one thing I really look forward to is getting each of my clients’ great housewarming gifts for their new home. A lot of the time, I like to try and find personal things that go with each client. After spending a lot of time with each of them, I feel this personal touch is a nice way to end our transaction and for them to have something to remind them of me as well in their new place.

For those of you who are wondering what would be a good housewarming gift for a new homeowner, here are some great ideas to add a little something to their new home:

·      A gradient vase – Grab some flowers from your local florist and pick out a great vase

·      Fun door mat – There are lots of great welcome mats out there these days that have fun little sayings or fun pictures on them.  Shut The Front Door Mat, $49; 5 Green Boxes.

 Photo By: Shebli Nikkole 

Photo By: Shebli Nikkole 

·      Plants – Bamboo, air plants, succulents, you name it and most plant stores have them. What better way to add some green to a new home?

 Photo By: Shebli Nikkole  Succulant & Vase 

Photo By: Shebli Nikkole  Succulant & Vase 


·      Sonos One Speaker With Alexa  – These devices make it easy for a homeowner to connect their music, tv, lights and other electronics to be activated by them speaking, very fun for the tech homebuyers in your life.  Get it local at Digitique Denver

·      Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorbell – This doorbell syncs to a phone so that the homeowner will never miss a package again and allows the homeowner to ignore or respond to whoever is at the door.  Indoor Security Camera, Starts at $199; Digitique Denver

 Photo By: Shebli Nikkole 

Photo By: Shebli Nikkole 

·      Electric bottle opener with accessories – New homeowners will also get many bottles of wine and bottle openers can be a struggle so give them this electric opener that can open a bottle with a push of a button.

·      Bar cart – For those of your friends who like a few adult beverages, they might like a bar cart to display their beverages.

.       Locally made longboards and cruisers are the perfect way to see a new ‘hood. Pacto Cruiser, $139; Anonymous Boards

 Photo By: Shebli Nikkole | House Warmed Pg 9  @DenverStyleMagazine 

Photo By: Shebli Nikkole | House Warmed Pg 9  @DenverStyleMagazine 

 Photo By: Shebli Nikkole 

Photo By: Shebli Nikkole 


There are so many great gifts out there and one thing I would recommend is finding a local shop to buy them from, maybe in the same neighborhood as the house the buyers just bought.

Make sure to check out my arrival in Denver Style Magazine about these great gifts and where you can find them in local shops around Denver.  


Why Controlling Expenses Through a Home Warranty Is Always a Smart Move.


Type A Personalities are always trying to make sure they can control everything in their lives including their monthly budget. However it is difficult to control certain things - for instance, when a repair or replacement of an appliance or other household item will be needed, and how much will it cost. While you can prepare financially for the repair or replacement, you never know how much it will cost in grand total including labour and parts, or whether the repair will work or you will need to further repair the appliance. A home warranty can help the controlling type A persons manage their budget, and level down their stress.


Home Warranty: What is It?

A home warranty is a great way to help keep your repair and replacement expenses under control for your homes appliances and home systems. Home warranties are service agreement policies that cover what’s inside your home, such as the kitchen appliances, clothes washer and dryer and even the furnace and a/c unit.

When one of the covered items breaks, you can get it fixed or replaced for free, although there is a service call fee of approximately $50 on average. There are a lot of companies operating in Denver and each of them has different characteristics. Different home warranty plans with different costs, different service call fees, different level of coverage, and different professionals they are working with.

The cost of a home warranty is dependent on the age of the appliances and what you want to include or exclude from the coverage, as well as the cap on item replacements. On average a home warranty will cost between $35-$65. This regularly scheduled monthly fee is much easier to budget for than the unexpected cost of a repairing or replacing one or more home appliances.

Additional Tips: What Can You Do to Keep Your Repairs Cost Low and Make Sure You are Not Voiding the Terms of Your Home Warranty Policy

Always wanting to keep repairs and maintenance costs low be sure to do regular cleaning and service of your homes appliances and home systems to keep them in good working order.  Here are a few tips I gathered from across the internet.

Clothes Washer- Routinely run a wash of white vinegar through the wash to help keep it clean

Clothes Dryer- Keep the lint trap clear and routinely clear the

Dishwasher- Be sure to clear debris from the collection trap (coarse filter)

Cooktop / Oven / Stove- Keeping your oven clean is key to preventing fires! Be sure to keep your cooktop clear of excess debris on the cooktop and in the oven itself.

Built in Microwave- Keep the filter clean and replace when necessary

Air Conditioning Unit- Have the outside unit inspected twice a year, at the beginning of spring and at the end of fall.

Furnace- Change the filter every three months

Garbage Disposal- Do not put things in it like cold leftovers, those go in compost or trash (meat, potatoes, pasta, eggs shells)

When caring for your home appliances and home systems it is important to ensure that you do them correctly and when needed, if they are neglected they can cause problems and if a home warranty is covering the items, the coverage might be voided if proper care and maintenance was not performed. As type A personality, routine should fall right in line with what you need to help control your homes needs and expenses. You can use an app to help schedule the regular maintenance and cleaning needed to care for your home.

If you routinely provide the care and maintenance on your appliances and home systems you will help extend the life of these items and in turn keep your costs low by not having to repair or replace them. Your monthly expenditures would consist mainly of your home warranty.


Do You Really Need a Home Warranty?

The mother of all questions is whether people actually need a home warranty and will it save them money in the long term. The truth is that whether a home warranty is right for you is a very individual question. Some people may be wasting their hard earned dollars on unfit home warranties which do not provide adequate coverage while others may be preventing themselves from large expenses in the future by working with the right company and choosing the right plan for them.

One of the most pivotal questions when coming to consider a home warranty is the contents of the house and the age of the systems and appliances. If your home is brand new and everything is under manufacturer warranty, there is no use for a home warranty. If your house is very old, it is reasonable to believe that many systems will be deemed as “unmaintained” and home warranty companies will refuse to pay for them if they break.

There are so many variables involved in this decision that it is wise to pay good attention into it, read about the topic, gather opinions about the services of the home warranty company you intend using, and use designated calculators which will help you make the right decisions fast.

Article Source: Nate Simms RevewHomeWarranties

How To Find Off Market Properties for your Clients

Denver is at a record low in inventory when it comes to houses these days, which I’m sure many of you have noticed when you start looking to buy. I am not saying this to scare you from entering the market, just sharing the truths about where our market lies right now. That being said, sometimes it is up to me as an agent to get creative when it comes to helping my buyers find homes.


Recently, I helped a buyer of mine lock down an off market property in One Lincoln Park Tower by sending out a "Buyer Need" professional postcard.  I had an agent call me who had a listing coming available in the floor plan my client wanted and we were able to view it before it hit the market, made a good offer and went under contract a day later. Needless to say my buyer was thrilled! You may have noticed a postcard or two in your mail or an ad or even a personal letter written to you in regards to your home. More and more agents are not waiting for homes to come on the market but are being proactive and if there is an area or home that their buyer really wants to be in, the agent should make an effort to see if they can make that happen.


Here are a few other ways that agents can scope out off market properties and hopefully find a potential seller:


Contact other real estate agents – many agents work in certain areas and if your buyer is hoping to be in a certain area, find homes recently sold, find the agent who sold it, contact that agent and other agents who work in that area to see if they will be putting any new homes on the market soon or know of any off house properties.


Direct marketing – sending out postcards or marketing materials stating that you have a buyer looking in that neighborhood can be a game changer if it gets in the hands of someone who is looking to sell.


Networking – relationships make the world go round and that rings very true when it comes to real estate as well. Contact your family, friends, client and any contractors you have worked with you may be able to help you in your search. Someone always knows someone who is thinking of either buying or selling so if you can get there first, you can have a chance to help your buyers out.


Look around – I always tell my buyers to scout the area they are interested in – drive around, talk to neighbors, check online to see what properties come up. I myself will also take the initiate and ask around in specific areas to see if anyone has heard or any properties coming on the market soon or sellers looking to sell.


Overall, as an agent in this tough market is it my job to be as proactive as possible for my clients especially my buyers. I want to get them ahead of the competition and to do so, I must think outside of the box and look at other options when finding that perfect home.



Why For Sale By Owner Properties Need An Agent

You may have noticed some signs starting to pop up in yards this spring; they are red and white with a hand written phone number, usually hard to read, written on each side. That’s right, those for sale by owner signs really hit the market come spring and summer because sellers know it is the best time of the year to put their home on the market and they also believe they can do it without the help of an experienced agent.


Now, I can understand why sellers would want to try and sell their properties by themselves, the main reason being they don’t have to pay commissions out to an agent, meaning they would save money right? Well I hate to tell sellers this but research shows that houses sold by their owner often sell for 5.5% less them comparable properties sold with an agent posted in the MLS. Agents bring a lot to the table, a lot of behind-the-scenes work that many sellers have no idea about and that is why it is imperative to hire a good realtor to represent you when putting your home on the market.


Here are a few reasons you should hire a realtor instead of attempting to sell your property yourself:


Time – We all understand that time is the most valuable thing you possess and realtors know that better then anyone. If a seller say is out of town for a week and an out of town buyer wants to put an offer on the house but only has a day to do so, how would a seller handle that without help? Realtors have teams and co-agents for a reason. They also respond to emails and phone calls in a timely manner.


Knowledge – Realtors went to school for a reason, to possess every piece of knowledge they could about real estate. Most sellers don’t know the depths of the laws and contracts that could land them in some hot water.


Marketing – Realtors have a budget for marketing their clients homes, do sellers want to pay a large amount of money to have fliers, signs, etc. made? Probably not, but an experienced realtor will have that put in place the minute they represent the seller.


Presentation – Many sellers think their home is “showing worthy” but 80% of the time, there are changes that need to be made and updates before a house is market ready, realtors are the people to help see those changes and make recommendations.


Negotiations and transactions – Negotiating is a lot of a realtor’s jobs, many of us have been trained to handle every type of situation thrown at us. Sellers have no idea the behind-the-scenes talks that go on between a selling agent and buying agent. Without the experience of this and the understanding of the contracts and keeping them in order, a seller could easily lose a deal.


Inspection and getting to closing – The inspection might be the most stressful part of any real estate deal; it can make or break the deal and leaves both the sellers and buyers on edge. Is the seller prepared to fix whatever the buyer asks for? Does the seller have a highly-skilled team of handymen etc. to make corrections? Most sellers do not have the connections to do this while realtors have a black book full of help for any type of problem. Then, handling closing. It is more then just a few signatures and a realtor can guide a seller through the process making it a smooth transaction.


If you are thinking of selling your house by yourself this year, I highly recommend giving it a second thought and to sit down with an experienced realtor like myself to see what I can offer to help you get the best price for your home and make it as easy a transaction as possible!

Why using an agent with a good track record is imperative

If I asked you how many real estate agents you knew at this moment, my guess is you could name a dozen or so of your family and friends who are in the business. It’s no secret that there are copious amounts of real estate agents in Denver and the surrounding areas. Currently, the city has around 22,000 real estate agents, not all of them active but plenty to choose from. Of these agents, Scott Grossman (Past Chairman Of The Board at Denver Metro Association of Realtors) says that probably around 15% of the licensees out there are driving 80%-90% of the business. These are the agents who have their systems down and know how to drive their business for success in an extensive market. So of the agents out there, around 3,000 agents are doing most of the business. That might seem like a large number, but in a market where inventory is at an all time low, you are going to want to make sure to have one of the best agents on your side when making a deal.


Even in our seller’s market, it is important to make sure you have a Realtor who understands the ins and outs of the selling process. If you are looking to use an agent who is newer to the field, make sure they have either a good mentor, employing ber, or team that will help them navigate the real estate waters. I’ve had clients who come to me even though they have a relative who is a Realtor or a friend who is a Realtor and they come to me for many reasons. They come to me because of my success rate, because of my dedication to each one of my clients, because I have a team who also ensures every transaction is smooth from start to finish and at the end of the day, my honesty, my integrity and my ethics are some important things my clients are looking for to represent them best.


Pulling numbers from DMAR (Denver Metro Association of Realtors) shows that the most recent numbers as of April 11th, 2018 for the number of active listings is only 554 homes – down from 879 homes last year. Denver is experiencing an all-time low when it comes to our inventory and for that reason alone, you should be very picky about who you hire to be your real estate agent. I have worked with clients and heard stories from other buyers and sellers that they had bad experiences with agents in the past and some of these agents caused them to lose a deal or a home. Unfortunately, I explain that many times, realtors get into this line of work for the money alone and when it comes to being an advocate for their clients, many agents fall short. It is a very important thing for me to build trusting relationships with each and every one of my clients and let them know that I will be with them every step of the way from the day we decide to work together until we get to the closing table (and beyond).


I am grateful for every one of my clients, they are my motivation to be the best Realtor I can be. If you are thinking about getting into Denver’s competitive market, I would love the chance to represent you. Contact me today and let’s chat about how I can help you achieve your real estate hopes and dreams

A fourth of the year done, how are your yearly goals going?

It seems like 2018 just started a day ago but here we are into mid-April and we are already a quarter of the way through the year! I know at the start of the year I sat down and wrote down a list of my goals for the year. I actively work on them daily and try to remember that it is not a sprint but a marathon, I do not need to get everything done in the first few months but also not to leave everything until it is about to be another new year.


A few proud accomplishments for me so far:


-       I have been doing my best to read the Bible every day. I have an app called YouVersion that keeps track of my reading and I find it helpful to show myself how well I am doing and it encourages me to keep it up.

-       We were just about to pay off $58,000 in business debt, which is always a huge sigh of relief. Money issues appear to be a big thing for many people these days and being able to sit down and come up with a good business plan for the year is imperative to getting yourself out of debt and into a good financial space.


So how are all your goals going? Are you happy where you are today with your professional life and your personal life? As we come out of the winter season, many people find themselves in that winter lull still, figuring out how to take on the spring and summer. I know during the warm months too it can be hard to stick to goals when the weather is always nice and there is so much more going on in the city. I have a few recommendations for keeping on track with your goals when the rest of the world gets a bit more distracting –


-       Keep a running list – it has been proven time and again that writing things down, not on a computer or text but the actual physical act of writing it down helps the mind keep it in check. Whether you have a journal, notepad or even a white board, make sure to write down your goals and feels good when you can cross them off as finished or when you get to add new ones!

-       Words of affirmation – I like to start my day by writing words of affirmation. This is a taught practice with a lot of realtors to get them to start their fay focused and ready to go. I like to write down what I am thankful for that day, what I hope to accomplish that day, who I appreciate and my business goals. Try it sometime; it really is a great way to start the day.

-       Make designated down time/personal time – as a realtor, the spring is my busiest time of the year, which means I consistently work a seven-day workweek. While it is great for business, I find it is imperative that I make time for my family, my friends, my church and my other businesses. I like to look at my week on Sunday evening and plan out times where I can take some time for just me because I know that is crucial to me being a good mom, wife, friend and realtor.


You’ve still got plenty of months ahead of you but there’s no time like the present to start checking those goals off your list!




Just Listed! Penthouse Loft In Iconic Benjamin Moore Building

I am excited to present this stunning loft in the Walnut Lofts.  In 2012 this unit came on the market as a short sale and I received a call from a woman from Steamboat Springs who was looking to purchase a loft in Denver and wanted to look at this loft that same day.  I was heading to a BBQ that day with my 18 month old daughter and family but was going to be passing through Denver anyway and could show it to her.  I met her at the loft, showed it to her and she immediately fell in love and wanted to submit an offer.  We submitted an offer, it was accepted and a few weeks later it was her new home.  


Being an Architect it wasn't long before she started renovating the loft, she started moving walls, taking down walls, renovating the bathroom, painting and adding new plumbing and light fixtures.  This loft soon transformed into a beautiful open loft with modern updates.  

A couple years later it was time for my client to get a little larger space as her business was starting to grow in the Denver market and she needed a larger studio/office space for her business.  We started looking and a few months later found her next loft  in the Golden Triangle.  

She decided not to sell the Walnut loft but to rent it.  We posted it for rent and found a great renter who lived in it and cared for it the last four years. 

Now it's time for you to make this loft yours.  Enjoy all that Denver and RiNo has to offer with breweries, restaurants, galleries, boutiques, walkability and so much more. 

Love where you live and make 2500 Walnut #309 your new home today! 


View the 3D Tour Here 


Urban Farmer Dinner

Last year I had the pleasure of representing  Martha and David Moore on the purchase of their loft at the Steelbridge Lofts on 14th and Wynkoop.  Martha and David walked into the Kentwood City office the day I was working the floor and were interested in purchasing a loft in Denver.  As we sat down to talk about their search they mentioned their son had just opened a Brewery in the Baker area called Intrepid Sojourner and they were looking for a second home in Denver so they could be closer to their son and other children who all lived in Denver. 

I was very familiar with their son's brewery as my husband, Jay Modglin and father have businesses in the area and I had witnessed the building being renovated .

Martha and Davind would like you to join them Tuesday April 3rd at 7:00pm at the sophisticated Urban Farmer Denver to celebrate Colorado Craft Beer Week. Enjoy a spectacular four-course, spring-inspired meal,thoughtfully paired with local craft brews. Follow Executive Chef Chris Starkus and Head Brewer Andrew Moore as they guide you through a culinary experience that invokes all of the senses. Tickets are $96, all-inclusive, and are limited to 24. Don't miss out on this truly unique Denver culinary experience!

Urban Farmer emphasizes the pride of locally- sourced ingredients and authentic, straightforward preparations. Their rustic pantry is stocked with house-made, preserved and pickled local produce which offers a homespun counterpoint to the refined ambiance. Executive Chef Chris Starkus builds personal relationships with local farms, ranches and fisheries, bringing a taste of his dedication to the table and reaffirming the direct connection between land and plate.

Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project brews internationally-inspired twists on traditional beer styles. Former Classical Archaeologist turned Head Brewer Andrew Moore uses his love of beer as a perfect way to explore his passion for travel, history, & culture. The brewery is a place to experiment with new styles & it’s a place to make your own new stories while you explore new beers with your friends. The beers will send you on a trip down memory lane, evoking memories of your travels & giving you wanderlust for new adventures.

Purchase Tickets Here


The Future of Elitch Gardens

Everyone in Denver knows about that random theme park located in the heart of downtown and everyone who visits the city either has questions about it or finds themselves at the amusement park/water park for the day in the spring and summer time. Elitch Gardens has been a staple in the Denver community for quite a while now with no intention of going anywhere, and most people are glad about that. But back in 2015, the 62-acre property was actually purchased by Rhys Duggan and his partners with backing from Nuggets and Avalanche owner Stan Kroenke.


Duggan saw the property for something bigger then what it was. A whole 17 acres of the property is used as parking lots that are going to be replaced by a single parking structure and new buildings as phase 1 of Duggan’s vision for the space. These plans call for adding office, residential and some retail space on the lots located to the north and east of the park.


“I think in the long haul, over 25 years this becomes a new, vibrant downtown neighborhood,” Duggan, CEO of Revesco Properties, said Monday. “In the interim, the park stays in place. Come see us. We’re spending money. We’re adding attractions.” (via Denver Post).


Around Elitch’s, the plan calls for multiple walkable areas with high-rise structures interspersed with green space. But Duggan sees this space as more then condos and offices. The space will include three parks along a roughly 1-mile strip of South Platte Rive, Colfax and Speer. With more then 137,000 square feet of space, there is to be a school, community center, day care and a grocery store.


Revesco is also doing intense research to see how they can build more affordable housing options in the space. “I think we have done a great job of building a city for a certain demographic and a certain age strata but I think we can do more to build a complete downtown community, where people can really live and work and even raise a family and send their kids to school,” Duggan said. “How do we do that with an affordability component so it doesn’t become an elitist neighborhood? Because I think that serves no one well.” (via Denver Post).


Duggan and his group are just waiting on the city to amend the 2007 Downtown Area Plan in which Duggan addresses he wants to make sure the community has a say in the building of this area and how it will help shape the future of the city.


It’s an exciting expansion for the city and I am so glad to hear they plan on keeping Elitch’s for everyone to continue to enjoy. Keep an eye out for more updates throughout the summer.

The best spots in Denver for Easter Services and Easter activities

Well we just had our first day of spring and I must say, we didn’t have much of a winter but I am ready for spring! The weather has started to change, the plants are starting to pop out of the ground and the sun stays out a bit longer. I especially like this time of year because Easter is upon us and this is a special time to me. For those of you around Denver, there are many great churches you can go to for Easter service and lots of great activities around town to celebrate the holiday. The best way to look for Easter services is to look them up online, some churches offer services at different times that day or may offer multiple services.  My favorite church to attend Easter service is the church I've been attending since 2007, Flatirons Community Church.  If you haven't found a church yet or are looking for a church that is unique and different, maybe give Flatirons a try.  There are several campuses around the Denver metro area so there's got to be one out there for you.

And don't forget about all the fun activities that come along with Easter.   Below I have listed some great activities that you and the whole family can enjoy.

Brunch: Easter and brunch seem to go hand in hand so here are some restaurants having some great brunch deals for the day:


·      Avelina – 3-course meal

·      Sarto’s – special Easter menu

·      Charcoal Bistro – 3-course meal with bottomless cocktails

·      Max’s Wine Bar

·      Ocean Prime – brunch specials

·      Denver Aquarium – breakfast with the Easter Bunny


Easter Egg Hunts & Activities –


·      Brighton Spring Celebration – Sat. March 31st - The city of Brighton will be celebrating spring with downtown local businesses handing out candy and treats to the kids. The Easter bunny will also be in attendance so make sure to bring your camera!

·      Bunny Bolt – Sat. Mach 31st – Head to City Park for a 5k, 10k and kids 1k run around the park. Kids will also have the opportunity to meet the Easter Bunny, get their face painted and look for eggs. Adults can enjoy yoga and the Golden Egg Hunt.

·      World’s largest Easter egg hunt – Sun. April 1st – If you are ready for an Easter egg hunt like none other, head to Copper Mountain for the hunt of a lifetime. Over 2,500 acres are used with 65,000 eggs for kids of all ages to find. There are prizes and goodies for everyone to win and each age group has their chance to find eggs.

·      Easter candy hunt at the Mile-High flea market – Sat. March 31st

·      Broomfield Eggstravaganza – Sat. March 31st

·      Glendale Easter Eggstravaganza – Sat. March 31st

·      Golden Family Easter – Sat. March 31st

·      Highlands Ranch Community Easter Egg Hunt – Sat. March 31st

·      Parker Easter Egg Hunt – Sat. March 31st

Hope you all have a blessed Easter and if you are thinking this spring might be the time to get into the housing market, contact me today! I would love to sit down with you and figure out how we can make your real estate dreams a reality.

Time to turn your clocks forward!

Hard to believe we are already heading into spring and with that comes the changing of the clocks. This Sunday, March 11th, at 1:00am the clocks will cruise forward giving us earlier morning sun and much more sunlight with sunsets taking place around 8:00pm. It’s a great way to get excited for spring and summer but also can throw people a bit for a week or so, especially anyone with small children who need to get used to going to bed with the sun still shining!


There have been many arguments over the years about taking away daylights saving time in the United States. Many countries did away with daylights saving or have never even used it but the US continues to use it. Arizona, for example, can be a bit tricky because some of the parts of the start recognize daylights saving and other parts of it do not so if you happen to be traveling there, make sure to ask around to figure out what time it is.


The history of when daylights savings started goes all the way back to 1895 to a entomologist from New Zealand named George Hudson. He proposed a two-hour time shift so that he would have more after work hours of sunshine. He wanted to have more time to go bug hunting was his main purpose. Then about seven years later, a British builder named William Willett thought up the same idea while he was out horseback riding. He brought the idea to England’s Parliament as a way to prevent the nation from wasting daylight. The idea was shot down by the British government and didn’t come back to light until 1916, two years into World War 1 when the German government was brainstorming ways to save energy. They knew of Willett’s idea and decided to implement it into their daily lives. Back then, coal power was king and so by changing their clocks, people really did save energy by not having to use so much coal.


Today, there is still a lot of back and forth because as many people have pointed out, changing the clocks no longer saves any energy. There also have been studies around the changing of clocks and how it has been linked to higher car accident fatalities, heart attacks and other negative outcomes. But these effects are just temporary, thought to be due to sleep deprivation and circadian rhythm changes.


So before you go to bed Saturday evening, make sure to turn your clocks back and don’t be alarmed if you feel a little groggy on Monday morning! With this weather changing you might be thinking it is a good time to get into the real estate market and if that’s the case, give me a call today I’d love to grab a cup of coffee with you and chat about how we can make your real estate dreams come true!

The Oscar Goes To...The Premier Condo Market

The Premier residential market was feeling the love in February with its sales volume increasing 6.18 percent month over month, and 12.12 percent year over year. Sellers loved that their homes were not taking as long to sell in February with the days on market down 32.74 percent from the prior month to 76 days. No President’s Day sales were happening in the Premier single-family segment of the market, as the price per square feet increased 4.32 percent from the prior month. The average price of a single-family home in the Premier market was  $589,683 - up 0.07 percent from the prior month. With 999 active residences (single-family) at the end of February, and 1.99 months of inventory, buyers had more to choose from compared to homes under $500,000, but needed to act quickly when a listing came on the market. In the category of highest year-to-date percentage increase in sales and sales volume, 2017 over 2018, the Oscar goes to…the Premier condo market at 24.83 percent sold and 23.93 percent sales volume at over $100 million. Days on market for Premier condos was striking at 237 days, down 27.30 percent from the prior month. There were 261 active listings and 3.18 months of inventory in this segment of the market, so buyers had more to choose from in the Premier condo market over other segments of the market.  Download the full March market trends report here.  

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Add a little flair to your house with tile

As we work out way into spring, many of my clients are coming to me and asking what they can do to upgrade their homes either to enjoy themselves or for when they decide to put their home on the market. There are so many great things one can do to keep their house looking fresh and up-to-date. I always recommend re-painting their home every 5+ years for the exterior and keeping the indoor colors tons that future buyers could enjoy. I talk to them about the exterior of their homes and how curb appeal is so important when trying to sell a house but also keeping a nice yard will have benefits for my clients as well.


When it comes to actually updating the house, everyone knows that the two most expensive rooms to remodel are the kitchen and the bathrooms. These rooms require a lot of changes when it comes time to remodel, upgrading appliances alone can cost thousands of dollars. Bathrooms, if budgeted right, can be better to upgrade because if you don’t have to buy the top of the line products, you can still find a lot of great bathroom materials that look expensive but don’t hurt the wallet.


One feature that many people invest a lot of time in when redoing these rooms are the backsplashes and the floors. There are so many different ways to do these both and one thing that can really add flair or keep a room looking crisp is the addition of tile.


Tiles have been around for quite a while but are now being used more and more as actual art pieces within bathrooms and kitchens. When it comes to backsplash for example, you have the opportunity to buy bright, colorful glass tiles that can take any white kitchen from looking plain to all of a sudden looking like a kitchen you might find in a magazine.


Terracotta tiles are a big hit in the kitchen because they have a very natural look to them and instantly bring warmth and comfort to the space.


Subway tile is classic and will continue to be around for a long time. One way to make it stand out more is to add a colored, dark grout to make the space look more unique.


Patterned tile can add so much flavor to a kitchen and can act as more of an art piece then actual tile.


Black and white tile was popular a while back but it has been making a comeback as more and more people are looking to have a classic feel within their homes.


Tile can be expensive so that is something to budget for when you are thinking to remodel. But it doesn’t have to break the bank and it can add so much to your home in the long run!


Sledding & Tubing In Colorad


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